Macworld/iWorld 2013 Videos

For years I was envious of everyone who was able to attend Macworld. It’s The Promised Land, the Mecca for Apple and Mac geeks and enthusiasts. I never thought I’d ever be an attendee.

But I was there for Macworld 2013.

What an experience. I highly recommend everyone go at least once if at all humanly possible. If you do, you may discover vendors like the ones below.


When I saw the products in the Esoterism booth I knew I had to do a video interview. The cases are stylish and well-crafted. Global Sales Director Erica Hao was kind enough to give me an iPhone 4S case to review; look for that in the near future.

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Must-Have Apps for iDevices – Episode 16

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The Ladies share what they feel are the must-have apps everyone should have on their iDevices.

Donny Yankellow, a writer for, has a new book for pre-schoolers, Jungle Jammin’, available for 99 cents in the iBooks store. Continue reading

Episode 10 – Books and Reading Apps

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The Ladies talk about various reading apps for books and magazines on the iPad, and compare it to reading on the Kindle and Kindle Fire. Sorry for the sound quality in the second half; the Skype gods attacked Suze´once again.

Shameless self promotion
Donny Yankellow’s new book on iTunes store Looking For A Dinosaur $.99
Preschool-grade 2. Need iBooks 1.2 or later to read. On sale for $.99 for a limited time.
Shane Pacelli The Teacher That Didn’t Teach $.99 Kindle ebook. Cover by Donny
Shane’s latest book, The Teacher That Taught Too Much was just released yesterday as a paperback. eBook should be available sometime in October
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Yellow Submarine – The Beatles. FREE in iBooks 
Bluefire Reader by Bluefire Productions FREE
CampusBooks for iPad by Inc. FREE
IDW Comics by IDW Publishing FREE
Zinio by Zinio LLC FREE
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by Moonbot Studios, LLC  iPad only $4.99
Nighty Night! HD by Gmb, iPad Only On Sale in AppStore, Free, Regular Price $2.99
Nook App by Barnes and Nobles, Compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad, Free **not recommended by Suzé for art or photography books as app is not graphically optimized for iDevices.
Newsstand Bundled with iOS
Stanza by Lexcycle, Compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad, Free

WE HAVE A CONTEST!! Win a copy of WritePDF, an iPad app graciously donated by EuroSmartz. Leave a comment on our web page about why you want this app. Or give us a show suggestion. Or just say hi. We’ll announce the winner on the next podcast.

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