Media That Has Stood the Test of Time – Episode 100

The Ladies celebrate 100 episodes by sharing their favorite apps, movies, and TV shows that have stood the test of time. Also, hear what some listener’s chose as their favorites. Plus an audio message from a long time listener.
(There was a thunderstorm in Dallas while we were recording, so you may hear some background noise while Suzé is speaking.)

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Movie Apps – Episode 51


Vicki had Internet issues, so Elisa and Suzé hold down the fort and talk about movie apps they use. Suzé’s neighbor wanted to be on the show, so he waited until we hit the record button to start his yard work!
Thank you, listeners, for 2 great years! 3 Geeky Ladies celebrated its second anniversary on May 25, 2014.

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Must-Have Apps for iDevices – Episode 16

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The Ladies share what they feel are the must-have apps everyone should have on their iDevices.

Donny Yankellow, a writer for, has a new book for pre-schoolers, Jungle Jammin’, available for 99 cents in the iBooks store. Continue reading