Macworld/iWorld 2013 Videos

For years I was envious of everyone who was able to attend Macworld. It’s The Promised Land, the Mecca for Apple and Mac geeks and enthusiasts. I never thought I’d ever be an attendee.

But I was there for Macworld 2013.

What an experience. I highly recommend everyone go at least once if at all humanly possible. If you do, you may discover vendors like the ones below.


When I saw the products in the Esoterism booth I knew I had to do a video interview. The cases are stylish and well-crafted. Global Sales Director Erica Hao was kind enough to give me an iPhone 4S case to review; look for that in the near future.

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iTunes 11 and Apple Maps – Episode 17


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The Ladies critique iTunes 11 and Apple Maps.

Suze´ explains how to use Selective Adjustments in Snapseed. A tutorial with photos is here.

Adam Christianson from the MacCast talked about “Other” in episode 427, released on 1/16/13. Starts at minute marker 32:58. It was a good and helpful explanation of what type of information is stored in Other, and how you can check and possibly delete some of that information.

Donny Yankellow has a new book in the iBooks store, Piratesaurs for 99 cents.

Vicki and Elisa will be at Macworld/iWorld January 31 and February 1. Come say hi!

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