Macworld/iWorld 2013 Videos

For years I was envious of everyone who was able to attend Macworld. It’s The Promised Land, the Mecca for Apple and Mac geeks and enthusiasts. I never thought I’d ever be an attendee.

But I was there for Macworld 2013.

What an experience. I highly recommend everyone go at least once if at all humanly possible. If you do, you may discover vendors like the ones below.


When I saw the products in the Esoterism booth I knew I had to do a video interview. The cases are stylish and well-crafted. Global Sales Director Erica Hao was kind enough to give me an iPhone 4S case to review; look for that in the near future.


LensPen is a simple and neat way to clean the screen of your iPhone or iPad. I have a LensPen for both my iPhone and iPad, and will share a review in the coming weeks.

Chef Sleeve

Chef Sleeve Disposable iPad Sleeves protect your iPad while cooking. I may actually enter my kitchen and give these a try. (Apologies for the wonky video.)