#BlackLivesShouldAlwaysMatter—Episode 141

Elisa and Suzé try to put into words their feelings about recent events in the Black community. We struggled, knowing as White women we will never truly understand what our Black citizens go through on a daily basis. We explain why Vicki didn’t join the discussion. Please, please check out the links below for important resources to help better understand the issue, and what we can do to help.

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Resources and Articles
“It Does Not Matter If You are Good”-Elle Magazine
Black Visions Collective
Anti Racism Resources
The 1619 Project
75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice
CCATP #641-Robb Dunewood on Being a Black Man in America
Innocence Project
Black Teen Shares the Rules His Mom Makes Him Follow When Leaving the House
I Can’t Breathe
Sarah Cooper

Just Mercy-movie streaming free on most services through end of June
Fruitvale Station
12 Years A Slave
The Hate U Give
When They See Us

GoFundMe for George Floyd
United Negro College Fund
Southern Poverty Law Center
The Bail Project

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Our Favorite Movies – Episode 61


The Ladies talk about their favorite movies. From our G+ Community, Dorothy Yamamoto tells us her favorite tv show is Broadchurch, which is available on Netflix and Amazon. And thanks to TuscanCharm for the iTunes review!

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