Goodbye San Francisco and Macworld 2013

It seems like I've been planning my trip to Macworld for months, and now it's come and gone. Cross off another item on the bucket list.


I met some fabulous people, saw some really cool new products, and made lasting memories.


Your intrepid (and exhausted) MyMac crew: Guy Serle, Vicki Stokes, Elisa Pacelli

After I get home, sleep 12 hours, and decompress, I'll go into more detail about the vendors I interviewed, along with the sights and sounds of Macworld 2013. For now I'll leave you with some photos from my last day at the show, plus a few parties. Thanks to Allison Sheridan from the Noscillacast podcast and Cirque du Mac for the fabulous parties Friday evening.


Previewing the show floor


Don McAllister of Screencasts Online


Adam Christianson of the MacCast

Cirque du Mac band


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